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Ícaro: Canto de Curación

Scene from the documentary Icaro:  Song of Healing featuring Peruvian Shaman Panduro. Video Produced by the Association Ayahuasca Peru, dedicated to research, presentation, preservation and dissemination of sacred plants of Peru. Advertisements

Maestro curandero Don Marcial singing ayahuasca icaro

During an ayahuasca ceremony the curandero sings prayer songs called ‘icaros’. Here is Maestro curandero Don Marcial from Pucallpa, Peru singing a beautiful icaro.

Ayahuasca – William S. Burroughs, narrator

This is my favorite ayahuasca video. William S. Burroughs narrates the story of a curandero on the Putumayo River in Colombia and his desire to pass on his knowledge of plant medicine to his sons before it is lost forever.