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Ícaro: Canto de Curación

Scene from the documentary Icaro:  Song of Healing featuring Peruvian Shaman Panduro. Video Produced by the Association Ayahuasca Peru, dedicated to research, presentation, preservation and dissemination of sacred plants of Peru. Advertisements

Ayahuasca Healing

Stylish video with scenes of ayahuasca preparation and images of shipibo tapestry.  Set to the music of Tulku featuring the voices of the Mahua Shaman of the the Peruvian Amazonian rainforest. Photographed and directed by Kanseki (Willem Malten) with edit by James Becker.

Pablo Amaringo Photo Montage

A video montage of the great visionary artist Pablo Amaringo, from photos of visits to his home and gallery in the jungle city of Pucallpa, Peru. Set to “La Noche y el Dia” by Peruvian artist Susana Baca, from her album Espíritu Vivo. For more information about Pablo Amaringo and his paintings, follow this link […]

Vacilando con Ayahuasca

When you are in Lima and the cities near the coast the soundtrack to Peru is Cumbia Peruana, with such groups like Grupo 5 in heavy rotation. As you make your way toward the jungle the music takes on a more psychedelic cumbia sound called chicha, featuring such artists as the most famous band from […]

Maestro curandero Don Marcial singing ayahuasca icaro

During an ayahuasca ceremony the curandero sings prayer songs called ‘icaros’. Here is Maestro curandero Don Marcial from Pucallpa, Peru singing a beautiful icaro.

Ayahuasca Preparation for Santo Daime

Hymns are sung during the preparation of ayahuasca for Santo Daime ceremony in Brazil. For more photos and videos from this collection visit  Feitio: The Making of Santo Daime.

Fun ayahuasca animation

Ayahuasca. Animación de Grio. Fun ayahuasca video from Chile, with cool animation and great music.