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Pablo Amaringo Photo Montage

A video montage of the great visionary artist Pablo Amaringo, from photos of visits to his home and gallery in the jungle city of Pucallpa, Peru. Set to “La Noche y el Dia” by Peruvian artist Susana Baca, from her album Espíritu Vivo. For more information about Pablo Amaringo and his paintings, follow this link […]

Vacilando con Ayahuasca

When you are in Lima and the cities near the coast the soundtrack to Peru is Cumbia Peruana, with such groups like Grupo 5 in heavy rotation. As you make your way toward the jungle the music takes on a more psychedelic cumbia sound called chicha, featuring such artists as the most famous band from […]

Maestro curandero Don Marcial singing ayahuasca icaro

During an ayahuasca ceremony the curandero sings prayer songs called ‘icaros’. Here is Maestro curandero Don Marcial from Pucallpa, Peru singing a beautiful icaro.